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Check out the Bushwick Show, a round-table talk show organized by Yeliz. Bushwick students sound off on love, relationships, commitment, betrayal, and more.

Metal Detectors in School, an Investigation

The Bushwick News Team investigates the effects of metal detectors in schools, through student and faculty interviews. The essential questions is, “Do they make Bushwick Campus a better or worse place?” Find out!

Signs of Hope

The students at the BCCP @ Bushwick are sending out positive messages of hope and healing to all those suffering in Japan, and the brave workers who are risking their lives for the sake of others.

////// GRAPHiC DESiGN_X with Mr. G \\\\\\


This semesater at Bushwick I ((mr.g)) am introducing a new after-school course based on the principles of graphic design with a twist—GRAPHIC DESIGN_X…!!!

In this course I  will be opening students to a world of possibilities dealing with not just graphic design but beginning to merge the worlds of_ illustration_fine arts_ & exhibition design into one place.

The first assignment we are tackling will be the creation of personal stickers. Its actually easier then u think to create your own stickers but first you need a great image to work from.

These are the first few sketches students have been working on:


“STEWIE” by Antonio


Click for more:


“BUNNY” by Leslie Gerrick

“ANIME DUDE” by Sebastian Ocasio

“QUIKIE” by Jonathan Roldon



“I’M ME” by DJ



More great images to come…!!!

+) g

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