My Character

Today I got a picture of someone I didn’t know and my task was to give it a character of our own. I gave it a gender of a woman. Her name is Sonia Richards, she is 16 years of age, she is straight, she goes to church on Saturdays, and she loves pizza. She hopes to marry to a charming guy someday and she is scared of spiders. Sonia woke up one morning and as she always does she go to her window and look at the park across the street and look at the morning people exercising with their pets. Suddenly she heard a huge crashing of metals together out side so she ran out there. She was great by two cars facing each other head on. She heard the people commenting on the accident how the guy was texting and he didn’t see that he was in the next lane and he went head on to the vehicle that was coming. No one was injured badly but Sonia called the police anyway so they could sort out this mess and keep the traffic going.