Dream Act room at the BCCP Arts Fest

TwentyTwelve The New Album


BCCP Arts Festival 2012

Arts Festival Flyer

Stay Rappin’

The latest video from the one and only, M.S.M!!!

This video was a serious group effort. Emi and our young emcees, Kimani, Darius and Malik, worked diligently in the music lab to come up with the song.  Miss Jill taught everyone how to make a storyboard and plan the video.  And the amazing Arin worked with a revolving crew of young filmmakers to produce this beautiful video.  Great work everyone!  Stay Rappin.

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Revolution! An exhibit about the American, French and Haitian Revolutions

We have a special club here at Walt Whitman called, “Haitian Crew.”  It’s a space for our Haitian students to get together and talk about their shared heritage, their common challenges, and sometimes to just have fun, eat pizza and play soccer.  We recently went on a trip to the NY Historical Society to see the exhibit, “Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn.”  The students had a great time and learned, hands-on, about their history.

Alison, Jeff, Ronald, Jeff, Kristelle, Shelsa, Wildina, Saqr, Rodley, Isaac, Medjine, Dodley, Sebastien, Claire, Berlie, and Hadja