Presented by KATE GARRAWAY, the show attempts to answer one of the biggest questions that we face – can we talk to the dead?

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If the answer is yes it will revolutionise the way we view our world but if the answer proves to be no then millions of believers face a crisis of faith. The show brings together the world’s foremost psychic investigator, KEITH CHARLES, and one of the most respected mediums, JAMES RANDI, and each demonstrates what they believe by showing us what they can do. Nothing is taken for granted, everything is challenged and their skills are put to the test. Also in the programme, are scientists and other experts that spend their lives investigating psychic phenomena. We hear from individuals who believe they’ve had messages from the spirit world, and from sceptics that argue that such communication is impossible. This is an interesting and challenging night and which includes the studio audience in the debate.

What do you believe? Can we communicate with the dead? Do you believe this is true, do you believe it’s false, or just are you undecided?

In November & December 2004, FulcrumTV launched the greatest global archaeological event ever. Working with Discovery Network and Five, we located and opened an untouched tomb during a live broadcast, entering it for the first time, with an audience of 60 million viewers.

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Deep in Egypt’s Western Desert, a cemetery of 10,000 mummies has been discovered. They lie side by side in underground tombs, surrounded by gold jewellery and precious stones, amulets, toys for children and preserved bunches of scented leaves. Intricately wrapped in multi-coloured bandages, the mummies have been fitted with golden masks demonstrating surprisingly realistic personal features. Dress and hair do not appear to be Ancient Egyptian in style, but are influenced by later Greco-Roman culture. In Novembember and December 2004, we launched the greatest global archaeological event ever. FulcrumTV working with Discovery USA located and opened an untouched tomb during a live broadcast, entering it for the first time, with an audience of 60 million viewers.

Filming took place in the Bahariya Oasis, at the ‘Valley of the Golden Mummies’ and a second site: Sheik Soby; an Ancient Egyptian mausoleum. A local governor, Djed-Khonsu-Efankh, buried here, had unlimited political authority at the oasis, and served as local high priest to the god Amun. Djed’s tomb has been uncovered, but the location of other family members remains a mystery. Our team explores a recently discovered passage, deep underground, which may house burials belonging to Djed’s relatives.

The project was overseen by Dr Zahi Hawass, Head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department. The archaeological team included Katie Hirst and Jim Mower both of whom of have made numerous television appearances including on Time Team and Extreme Archaeology. Experts included forensic archaeologists Professor Margaret Cox and Caroline Barker, geophysics experts Meg Watters and Dr Henry Chapman, and conservationist, Dana Goodburn-Brown.

format l 6 x 24 mins tx l discovery usa – 07-10 dec 2004 credits l directed by DAVID STERN l exec produced by RICHARD BELFIELD & GAYNELLE EVANS l produced by MEL MORPETH l edited by BEN JACKSON & TONY QUINN l presented by MIKE ROWE & LAURA GREEN l

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