Now that it is the final day of the maker space co-design, we can reveal our secret weapon. We will be using it (her) throughout the whole year and hopefully for several more years thereafter.

Hailing from NYU’s ITP graduate program, Wyna Liu, joined our team about a month ago and we could not be more thrilled to have her robust energy and mid-day yoga teaching self on board. Wyna is an artist and fabricator and is incredibly excited to be a part of this blossoming space where the paths of it’s future are being programmed to morph with it’s users and creators. (I’m talking about our maker space just in case you got lost in the flowery language. I couldn’t help it.)

Meet her below, but only for 18 seconds. You’ll have to come to the BCAL maker space if you want full access to her tips, tricks, and great thinking mind.