Were you beginning to think that we may start getting bored of being in the same space with the same people day in and day out for the past 7 days?

Think again! We love this stuff.

Yesterday, we got personal. Using Sharon’s knowledge of architectural modeling and studio shares, we broke into mini studio groups to redesign our space at BCAL. Each of us got to design a model of a room that we would want to see in the space. Lawrencia designed a fashion studio and recapped, “Today was my favorite day of the whole co-design because we finally got to create something that we wanted. We got to put our ideas into our models to make it ours.”

After we each made our rooms that we desired, we came back together with our group to decide how these rooms would best flow together. Judy remarked, “It was really interesting discussing in our group how we would arrange the space. It’s not something we are ever asked to think about.”

The day concluded with “studio visits” where each of the four groups explained what spaces for making they co-designed as well as why the floor plan they chose made sense.

Gosh, we gained so much enthusiasm yesterday after realizing that this whole project is about making our dreams for our maker space a reality where all of our ideas are heard!