IMG_6628The final day was packed with “studio critiques” of our redesigns of the BCAL maker space. We have big visions that include: a collaborative dance/fashion studio, a woodworking area, a hydroponic garden, a bamboo lounge, a removable stage, a sewing room, a mac/pc lab, a film screening area, a general working area, a recording studio, a kitchen space, a gym, lots of new doors, walls, windows, ways of flowing in and through the space; and honestly, too many more big ideas to write out on a silly blog post.



At 2 pm, we opened our doors to the public and gave personal tours of our prototypes from start to finish – the creation of our boxes to our final redesigns of the BCAL maker space. We included every little note and thought we had in between influenced by David from the New York Hall of Science, Quardean from Made in Brownsville, Meredith from MOUSE, Sharon from CEEDS, Steve, Diane, all of our site directors, teaching artists, and most of all, our awesome group of devoted youth.


We closed the day sharing what we each would take away from this experience. Shawnita loved collaborating with everyone, Lawrencia loved creating the fashion studio, Levon loved working with tools, Judy loved working closely with staff and students, and Tyquell loved so many things, he couldn’t choose.


Then, we all awkwardly laughed at each other, high-fived, and decided that moving forward we would start a BCAL maker space committee that would meet regularly to talk about the next steps in making this maker space happen!