Raven states, “I love the pandiness of the panda room”, as we walked through our current set-up at BCAL to discuss how we should redesign the space to best fit our maker needs.


And then after a brief discussion about what we love (the openness*), what we hate (how we switched to Macs*), what we want to keep (recording studio + computer room*), and what we want to change (reorganize the puppets*), we delved into serious model making of how we really would want to redesign the space together.

If I could use two words to describe this effort — HOLY SCHHHAMOLLLYYYYYY.


So our duty today was to create an even smaller model than we did yesterday so that we could adequately represent the whole space. Souleymane noted that the drawback from what we did yesterday was that “we were looking so intently at one specific room that we may have lost sight of the larger whole”.

We worked in our groups again but were asked to redesign the space taking into account the structures that already exist in the space and how we can balance our dreams with the limitations of our resources. Speaking for her group, Iqra said, “We want to change the panda room into a rainforest-like room with a bamboo structure that creates some shade to block the bright overhead light from shining in. It will be a transformative space that makes you feel like you are somewhere else.”


We have really smart brains in this co-design. So come check out what we have done during our Open House tomorrow at 2 pm at BCAL. Whoop whoop!

*All subjective examples of some people’s desires.