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Project PEACE

If I could change the world, my main mission would be the environment; how to have a safer and cleaner world to live in.  I would try to change the way people live and the things they could do in their daily lives to accomplish that. One example, would be to recycle, reduce, reuse. Recycling […]

What does family mean to you?

October 24th, 2012
Students of New Utrecht high school explored the meaning of family through other people’s opinions. They interviewed others by asking one unique question, “What does family mean to you?”


May 10th, 2012
How do you think students communicate with each other on social networks using acronyms affect their work performance in school and their writing?
Guest Blogger: Atika Ghumman On Saturday, April 21, 2012, we attended a Broadway show called Black Angels Over Tuskegee with the BCCP. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the Tuskegee Airmen who were African American pilots during World … Continue reading
The students of New Utrecht High School act out scenarios of unnecessary violence and STOP! it from continuing. Their message is clear. You have the power to stop violence, whether you are in a violent situation or a bystander witnessing … Continue reading
On March 20, 2012, Bushwick Students traveled to City Hall to have their voices heard and lend their support to passing the NY DREAM ACT. Our students filmed and photographed the press conference under the supervision of our wonderful teaching artist Alejandra Ugarte-Bedwell. BSSJ Student, Olga Sanchez photographed most of the event.
The students at New Utrecht High School learned about making collages in the photographic tradition of David Hockney. We have also been working a lot on stop motion animation. In this piece, we combined elements of both collage and stop … Continue reading
At BCAL we made butterflies to represent the children that were lost in the Holocaust. These butterflies were sent to The Holocaust Museum in Texas where the butterflies will eventually compose a breath-taking exhibition scheduled in the Spring of 2014. … Continue reading