Free Yourself at BCAL!

This year at BCAL we are learning, as a community, to celebrate our talents in both the Arts and in academics. We have integrated our various pursuits, exploring the academic application to music, dance and the fine arts. Some of the results have been a mid-year showcase wherein viewers saw videos on the stop and frisk […]

Tutoring the BCAL Way

Tutoring is offered to our students every day after school. This year we have teamed up with NYCares volunteers who donate their time to help our students in all academic subjects in addition to SAT prep. Brooklyn College students from the coordinated B.A. – M.D. Program and Service Learners who fulfill their fieldwork hours at […]

Haitian Cultural Day @ BCAL

The republic of  Haiti is a country located in the Caribbean. Haiti is the first led black republic in the world and second in the Americas. Haiti gained it’s independence in 1804 as part of a successful slave revolution. Haiti is the first independent nation of Latin America and in the Caribbean. This year on […]

Maya Azucena visits W.A.T.C.H.

On Monday, special guest artist Maya Azucena visited Emi and Faith’s classes at Jefferson Campus High School.  Emi’s young mc’s got to speak with Maya about the importance of being yourself, no matter how different, strange or uncommon that may be. They discussed what it means to be an independent artist and activist.  They also […]