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JAN CTd BCCPpoetry_09Journalism Specialist, Christopher D. Todd, of Target: Achieve , Learn  & Lead came to visit us to help students improve writing skills. Using templates and historical content, he encourage students to communicate their thoughts on paper.

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Photo Shoot

Teaching Artist, Aaron Long, worked with our students showing them how to create a visual story using various camera tricks and lighting techniques.


Black Lives Matters

Our studIMG_7099 BLMents marched around the Robeson HS area in solidarity with the social justice movement reemerging in cities across the US.


People are more outraged, because it appears to be about race. -Kedisha Carrington (misguided rage).

I think this … is really racist and unfair. Seeing this ..makes me feel there’s still racism in the world. – Gabriella France (police relations)

About Protesting

I feel like they are doing the right thing, but I disagree with fighting violence with violence.

– Kyshauna Forbes

Police Brutality
I feel like this is contradicting because the man with the gun is saying that he feels threatened even though he is the one with the weapon. – Kyshauna Forbes ( I feel threatened)
IMG_7102 gsIMG_7114 BLM sadia

Unfair! it shows that the cops don’t are about a man’s life. – Nyshe Walker

How do I feel? Confused, angered, bothered, hopeless and scared. This is showing that people of color don’t have to always do much to be seen as a threat. This affects my world by having small kids feel as if there’s something wrong with them being black. – Sakira Forbes


Student PSA: Suicide Prevention

From two of the creators, Keziah Johnson and Detra Johnson:

A PSA is a public service announcement. It’s like a commercial for an idea. This PSA is about suicide, a tragic activity teenagers sometimes fall victim to. We chose to help spread word to stop this act.

Many people, young and old, commit suicide for different reasons such as being bullied or stressed or suffering mental health issues, amongst other things.

Doing this video was an experience within itself.  Doing research on statistics helped us to get a better understanding of it.  We learned that suicide claims more than 30,00 lives a year alone.  Though the suicides were carried out different ways and for different reasons, they are still suicides and are all tragedies.  Hopefully after watching this, you can spread the word to help people in need.