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General BCCP posts

BCCP is proud to announce that we have received a $25,000 grant from The Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust. This grant will support our co-design process in designing and producing the first drop-in teen makerlab in Brooklyn.
Makerspace Facilitator Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP) partners with NYC public high schools and middle schools in the Brooklyn community to offer academic support, college access, work-readiness, social justice and arts-based programs. Working from the Psychology Department at Brooklyn College, we focus on relationship-building first and programming second. The main hub for BCCP is the Brooklyn College Art Lab (BCAL), a 6900 sq.
A PSA is a public service announcement. This PSA is about suicide, a tragic activity that teenagers sometimes take part in. We chose to help spread the word to stop this act.  Many people, young and old, commit suicide for different reasons such as being bullied or stressed or depressed, amongst other things. We found this very interesting and felt more people should know about it.
  On Saturday, February 1st, the Electro Wizards: Plan “B”ccp (EWPB),  attended a wonderful team training offered by the team at There were nine students from our team. Our team was comprised of: Erica, Thoin and Ivania from Robeson, Quian and Shane from Jefferson, Iqra, Karen, Nazela and Arita from New Utrecht. There was one other Mouse Squad composed of high school students a from Bronx International High School.
Hackschooling makes me happy – 13 year-old Logan LaPlante wants to be happy and healthy when he grows up. He discusses how hacking his education is helping him achieve this goal. Something to Say: Success Principles for Afterschool Arts Programs from Urban Youth and Other Experts How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses – Wired Business about alternative teaching programs/methods and connected, or student-centered, learning College ...
The Talking Transition Tent was a project of several philanthropic organizations to create a public space where all New Yorkers can share their voice on the city’s needs. BCCP programs from Bushwick, BCAL and Jefferson came and heard a panel discussion on how college access has transformed inmates in the NY State penal system.
BCCP was represented at this year’s Mozfest in London by Steve Ausbury who ran a pop up workshop with Tina Shoulders from Exposure Camp. Hive NYC had invited Steve, Tina and other members to contribute to the discussion the phenomenal global growth of the Hive Learning Networks. The workshop, “Unmask Bingo Connect” taught social skills in real time, real space to young people by using the language of the internet.

BCCP to partner with MOUSE

December 4th, 2013
BCCP is happy to announce that we will be forming a Mouse Squad this Winter at BCAL. BCCP students who are interested to learn more about hardware, software and customer support should apply for this paid internship. Adults with experience in teaching young people more about computers should contact: Please see the job post below.

Across BCCP’s Many Sites…

November 11th, 2013
Across BCCP’s many sites, youth have been busy setting new goals for the year, planting daffodil bulbs Paul Robeson HS/Academy for Health Careers As part of our kick-off to the new BCCP year at Paul Robeson High School/Academy for Health Careers, students identified personal goals and began to envision the steps they would need to take to achieve these goals. Brooklyn College Arts Lab It’s My Park Day 2013!
NYTimes: Freebies for the Rich – Why are colleges giving away money to rich kids who don’t need it? They might value their rankings more than the economy. New York Times by Catherine Rampell $6 Can Make a Difference - In an era when sticker price at some colleges tops $60,000, it may seem odd to think that $6 could make a difference in students’ decisions about the institutions ...