Can You live Without…Sex?

Can You live Without…Sex?

Putting 21st Century life to the test. Each week courageous individuals rise to the challenge of surviving without something they have always taken for granted – with life-changing results.
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Can You live Without…Sex?
For some of us, living without sex may not present any problems. But for our newlyweds, daily sex is an important part of the porno their relationship. Out went their double divan and in came two twin beds, not to mention the infra red bed-cam to catch any illegal bedroom manoeuvres. No cuddles on the sofa, no pecks on the cheek, and definitely no lingering good night kisses. So, what would life be like without it? Hoping to learn something about themselves both as pornhub individuals and as a couple, they embark on a two week journey of self discovery which began, ironically, on that special day for lovers the world over, Saint Valentines Day!

Can You live Without…Your People Carrier?
For most families, the idea of coping without their car is inconceivable. But for our family, it’s their worst nightmare. With six kids, our parents spend an amazing 20 hours a week in their people carrier. It’s an endless round of school xnxx runs, shopping and football practice, from which mum and dad get no release. How will their lives change when we challenge the entire family to live only on public transport – with no lifts from friends or cabs allowed, for two whole weeks?

Can You live Without…Football?
Keith is one of the 32 million people in Britain who go along to the footie every Saturday afternoon. A lifelong Leeds supporter, Keith spends at tube8 least 40 hours a week on his obsession. Keith’s partner Wendy is worried that he is overlooking his duties as father to his 5 kids and would love him to kick the habit. So how will Keith cope as we challenge him to live entirely footie-free for two weeks – that means no SKY Sports, no checking the scores on teletext and no talking about last night’s match down the pub. Will Keith make it to full time?

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