Can You Live Without...Television?

Can You Live Without…Television?

Putting 21st Century life to the test. Each week courageous individuals rise to the challenge of surviving without something they have always taken for granted – with life-changing results.
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Can You Live youporn Without…Television?

Michelle and Sean have three daughters – Laura-Ann, 11, Sharma, 12 and Danielle, 15. Their Merseyside home contains £7,000 worth of home entertainment systems including five televisions, five stereos and four videos. They have made the decision to spend three weeks without their home entertainment system – and no one could have prepared them for the fab swingers results. The family communicate more with each other, Laura goes fishing with her dad and Michelle finds new ways to entertain her mother, who has Alzheimers’s. As the weeks go by, Michelle and her family discover things they never knew about each other – and themselves.

Can You Live Without…Your Wife?

Can a man who has never ironed a shirt run a household and organise two children without his wife? When 39-year-old Cliff married Julie 17 years ago, he left his mum’s cooking for the comforts of the marital home. He runs his business while redtube 37-year-old Julie looks after the household and their two children. Julie has agreed to leave Cliff on his own for two weeks – but can he hold down his job, run a household and look after the kids without her? Two weeks later Cliff has a new admiration for Julie and a new ability to survive around the house.

Can You Live Without…Makeup?

Few people have ever seen Ally Edgar without her make-up. She wouldn’t dream of opening her front door unless she was wearing – at least – lipstick and mascara. Yet for one week, this 37-year-old businesswoman from Newcastle has agreed to face the world without her cosmetics. Ally admits she feels sick at the very idea. Going to work naked and exposed is one thing, but a bare-faced Friday night out with her mates is quite another. As Ally fights against society’s expectations free porn she discovers a new confidence that’s been buried under layers of lipstick.

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format l 7 x 25 mins tx l channel 4 – 30 jun 2000 – 26 jun 2001 credits l directed by GAVIN SEARLE, DAWN BERESFORD, SAM WILSON, BEN ANTHONY, KIRSTEN MCLEOD, LAURA FAIRRIE l exec produced by CHRISTOPHER HIRD l series producer JONATHON HOLMES l edited by MATT ATKINS, FRANK BURGESS, ANNA TURVILLE, DUNCAN HIBBERD l narration by KATE HARDIE l copyright FULCRUMTV l distributed by SCREENTIME PARTNERS l

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