Remember when you were a child and you had nothing to do during the long hot summers when school was out and your parents were working? And how during that time of your life you were forced to get creative with your surroundings in order to create something to do?

Your resources at that time included your neighborhood, your friends, and any scrap of nature, potential trash, or borrowed goods from your house that you could get your hands on. And as you started playing with those resources, it usually resulted in creating. It was as if your imagination was granted an instant kick-start just by having a bunch of stuff placed before you in a specific space surrounded by a community of people.

Gosh, the good ol’ days.

Luckily, the maker movement is reinvigorating those long summer hours of pure creativity where we were free to rustle around in the bushes with like-minds, stray sticks, and maybe some of our mother’s favorite blankets and pots.

Dane, one of our site directors, recounts his experience as a bored youngster in Trinidad.