Every semester The BCCP coordinates a class called, “Service Learning for Youth Workers,” for Brooklyn College students which allows them to earn 3 credits while gaining valuable direct service experience working at The BCCP’s sites throughout Brooklyn. Students earn credit through Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, and English, among others. The class meets once a week because of the fieldwork requirement.

This class requires 63 hours of fieldwork, class attendance (Fridays @9:30AM – 10:45AM), readings related to the fieldwork experience, and a journal that explores fieldwork and class work. The journal is an opportunity for finding connections between the readings, classroom discussions, and the work you do at your site. For students who take the class for credit in Psychology, the course counts as “writing-intensive” with the registrar.

Students taking the class get first-hand service experience, perfect for enhancing a resume or grad school application. In addition, they get career direction support, excellent mentors through The BCCP staff, and an opportunity to support their communities. The course has been a seedbed for future youth workers, teachers, advocates, researchers, and non-profit leaders.