We Made Watercolor Heart Valentine’s…

Mural on Paper Part Deux

Accompanied by two awesome Brooklyn College student learners from Professor Romer's class!

Mural Scale Painting on Paper, Part 1.

BCCP Annual Ice Skating Adventure!

It’s that time of year again…for slipping, sliding, learning and laughing, a lot.  Check out some highlights from the annual ice skating trip to Bryant Park — we had a blast!

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Dance, Cook, and Eat For Life with Chef Jeanine

BCAL Saturday BCCP cooking workshop BCCP cooking workshop BCCP Cooking workshop BCCP Cooking workshop BCCP Cooking Workshop

The professional dancing chef has been producing for over 7 years. She creates programs teaching participants how to cook healthy foods using alternative options that are moderate. Last week at BCAL Saturday, Jeanine and her crew created a delicious nutritious meal of curry carrot soup, black rice and beans and some healthy fruit salad of bananas and blue berries with homemade lemonade to quench our thirst.