A Day at Sea

An unexpected encounter occurs in the middle of the ocean in this claymation by the Walt Whitman Video Club.

Having Fun at Kingsborough Community College!

Discovering an Ocean of Possibilities

Opening up our minds - you could even study the sea .... not to mention the campus is right off of the beach

Feeling All Grown and Cool on Campus

Feeling All Grown and Cool on Campus

BCAL Alumni Tell It Like It Is

Learning that College IS AFFORDABLE

The Spnork!

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Congratulations Mirka!

Mirka with her acceptance letter

We are proud to announce that Mirka has been accepted into Global Potential! Mirka writes about the experience of applying to the program:

One day during BCCP, I heard about the Global Potential Program. I was very interested in it and that same day, when I went home I applied online. The application took me over an hour to fill out. Global Potential is about helping communities with low incomes in countries like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Nicaragua. Once I filled out my application, it took a week to hear back. When they told me I was scheduled for an interview, I was so excited and also nervous because the next step was the interview. Once the day of the interview came, I was the only one dressed professionally while everybody else wore jeans. I was interviewed by 7 different people. And since there were so many students at the interview, we did a speed dating like interview. I was very nervous. I found out a week later that I got accepted. I was so happy! Now I’m going to have to face new challenges to get picked to fly overseas. For me to get picked, I need to fundraise $300, attend weekly workshops, and be very dedicated to Global Potential, but I’m ready!


Real Talk

Walt Whitman Middle School students discuss the Wall Street protests, Obama, politics, and the economy on their talk show, Real Talk.