Album Release Party

Students, artists, and producers from our music production program released three CDs on Friday, June 10th, 2011. Teaching artists Entrfied and Emi hosted the event which featured performances by Brooklyn Future Records (IS 291) and the Black Jackets (BCAL). Congratulations to all the students and teachers on a successful year!

BCCP hosts the First Annual René Peñaloza-Galván Awards

Thursday, June 2nd marked the First Annual René Peñaloza-Galván Award Ceremony. René worked for BCCP from Fall 2007 through Fall 2009 as a teaching artist at Wingate, Erasmus Hall and New Utrecht High Schools. He was an incredible inspiration to all who new knew him: students and colleagues, friends and family. Tragically, René passed away at the end of June of last year. He was a brilliant, funny, generous, creative and deeply caring person who was taken away from far too quickly.

It was a beautiful ceremony with BCCP COO, Diane Reiser, hosting the event, BCCP Deputy Director Steve Ausbury delivering a dedication and former students, Noziare Dolce and Lateef Wearien, speaking and introducing a tribute video. René’s parents flew up from Mexico City with friends for the event and his father Edilberto Peñaloza spoke with eloquence and grace about his amazing son. An award of $1000 for Excellence in College-Prep and Career Promise was given to New Utrecht student, Katia Cuellar and $500 for Excellence as a Teaching Artist in the First Year at BCCP was given to Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell. To learn more about René, visit: