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Ian’s Truck Farm Comes to New Utrecht!

Ian Cheney from Wicked Delicate came to visit NU to show us his incredible truck farm! Instead of throwing away his grandfather’s old truck, he decided to make a moving farm out of it. He has made a documentary film about his exploits and drives around the city educating people on the benefits of organic farming, including better tasting food, saving money, and not wasting food. And, it’s not as hard as it looks! When asked if anyone had ever stolen anything from the truck, he said, yes, a plant. But it was returned the following week! Find out more at Bon appetite!

Ian pulls up in his truck farm.

He even has plants in his front seat.

Ian explains to students about the benefits of growing your own food.

It's a jungle in there. While his truck is parked in the urban jungle, people have been adding their own additions to the truck farm, including many toy animals, including this tiger. Roaaar!

The students choose the plants they want to grow, lemon basil or carrot?

Everyone now has their own seeds to sow.

BCAL Saturdays-Yoga Workshop

Our students have a hectic school week, so on Saturdays they come down to BCAL for the yoga workshop led by our certified instructor Ira.  In the workshop, they do exercises to stretch, relax and to develop focus and concentration, all the while having fun! They leave looking and feeling refreshed and ready to take on more challenges.

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Community Gardening – Planting the seeds

This was our first workshop with Sustainable Flatbush. We planted some lettuce seeds in plastic bottles — growing healthy food and reusing materials to prevent waste, all in one afternoon…

In the spring we’ll plant the lettuce at the new Community Garden at Church Ave and Flatbush.

Black Jackets and Brooklyn Future Records bring new meaning to March madness!

March was definitely a big month for BCAL’s house band sensation the Black Jackets and IS 291′s Brooklyn Future Records. With an appearances on Foxnews and the televised morning show Good Day New York and a live show at Brooklyn College Art Lab, the Black Jackets are destined for greatness. Along with other BCAL music students, the group is also working on a script and new songs for The Apartment, a live music video that will be presented at BCAL in June. They’re also working with special guest artist, Maya Azucena on polishing their vocal skills. Here are some photos take by professional music photographer, Ted Baron from the awesome March 4th gig. Also we’d like to thank Entrfied, the God of Sound for his incredible work developing the talents of both The Black Jackets and Brooklyn Future Records!