Storyboarding an Anti Gun Violence PSA-Christina’s Group

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Talking about Haiti

Celeste and Shauna interview Chelomy, Joannie and Ansie about their reactions to the earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath.

BCAL’s Latest Video by The Charming Scholars

Shaq’s Story

Love and Relationships

Last Tuesday, our three wonderful Brooklyn College students lead the group in activities about love, relationships, and safe sex. We began with a Family-Feud style game competing to see which team knew the most about safe sex and STDs. That was followed by a discussion about love and relationships. Then we viewed a video informing us about STDs. Finally we watched a video about Aristophanes’ tale of humans and the origin of love.  Elena, Katherine, and Anegcris- Thank you!

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Our Mural

The art class is working on a mural to make the S area look nicer. The theme is the buildings and places of our futures. Stay tuned for the final product, this is gonna look hooooot. See more pics after the break…

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