2010 Screening

Held at Gershwin auditorium on the Brooklyn College campus (we outgrew the other two venues), this year’s screening showcased socially-conscious pieces tackling such issues as food justice, the earthquake in Haiti and the threatened removal of free metrocards for students. With animations, PSAs, and just plain fun pieces to round it out, this event brought together 150 students from all over Brooklyn to share their experiences through the language of video.

Channel 11 (WPIX) was there to capture the event:

Full story on WPIX.

Many thanks to the students for making such wonderful pieces, WPIX for covering the event, BCCP staff for all the hard work you do.

Reasonable Suspicion

Reasonable Suspicion from on Vimeo.

Voices of Flatbush

Voices of Flatbush from on Vimeo.

The Good, The Bad and The Empty

CUP Teaching Artist Douglas Paulson and students from the BCCP’s afterschool program at Walt Whitman Middle School looked deep into the emptiness and investigated hidden uses, ownership patterns, and alternate futures for the lots right near their school. They interviewed a community development consultant, an affordable housing advocate, a real estate expert, and asked property owners some tough questions to uncover the surprisingly full lives of empty lots. They collaboratively produced an amazing documentary called “The Good, The Bad, & The Empty,” which premiered at Anthology Film Archives on Tuesday, June 1.

Congratulations to Alex, Ragjay, Shanice, Evette, Latifa, Stephan, Deshawn, Freddie and Angela!!!

Please check out the video: