T-Shirt prints

Recently, BCAL hosted t-shirt designers Danielle and Jewells. from Due Justice. to assist us with designing our shirts. They came to discuss what makes a good t-shirt design, view our designs and demonstrate the art of printing on t-shirts. It was a cool experience. We discussed ink colors. contrasting colors, silk-screening the actual printing process and marketing to a target audience. What stuck me was  dating a drawing can prevent a person from copying and claiming it is their work; an inexpensive way of copyrighting. BCAL members shared their t-shirt designs; the final design was a mix if two different members’ designs. Jewells and Danielle were very informative, down to earth, and interactive with their audience. I really learned from this experience about the steps for t-shirt designing and look forward to wearing our t-shirt. By: Kevin Rodriguez

Beware of the Hallways!

Earth Day Celebration

The Earth Day Celebration was a great display of the community coming together. The neighborhood come out with their families for earthly family fun. There was live music. Oil cans were used to make musical instruments. There was a demonstration showing the use of solar energy. They used a solar panel to charge an ipod touch. kids learned how to recycle. They played a recycle game were kids put trash in the right recycle trash cans. Kids also planted seeds. Families enjoyed puppets made from recycled materials with puppeteer Ronny Wasserstom. By Jahlena Robinson


Apples they red and green
with a seed between
People come to the big apple
to pursue their dream
But it seems to me that an
apple represents more than
just a fruit, it’s a natural monument
We don’t care where
the apple comes from because the
truth remains whether China,
or Brazil, it all tastes the same
So, in the end it depends when the season comes but it’s just an apple
I don’t care where it’s from.

-Khamar Douglas

In The Ghetto

It’s been hard in the ghetto
Sunny days in the rain
Between the few seconds of joy and long hours of pain
I seen a homeless man on the train
And he asked me for coins
But he really need change
Now does that make cents?
I quickly look down in my pockets
To try to find where my dollars went
I couldn’t provide him dollars instead
I provided words, I told him hold his head
Its alright.

- Khamar Douglas