6th Annual Youth Conference!

Last Saturday, the students of BCAL attended the 6th Annual Youth Conference, where we were treated to a hearty breakfast, informed about other programs throughout the borough, attended workshops, and were treated to a special live performance of original songs written and performed by our very own students!

Youth of today, leaders of tomorrow!

We represented the program and handed out pamphlets!

Jessica organized a workshop for the girls.

We talked about what makes us unique!

Some powerful messages were expressed!

Nona also hosted a cooking workshop!

CUP in Action!!

The Center for Urban Pedagogy has been working with the BCCP on a special project about the neighborhood, empty lots, and pollution. They’re doing a great job! Congrats to the CUP crew: Alex, Rajgay, Latifa, Shanice, Evette, Freddie, Jeannie, and Stephan.

Rajgay interviewing Mark McIntyre from the Mayor's Office of Environmental Remediation (MOER)

Iola from the Veronica Place Garden

Stephan, Rajgay and Alex with Officer "Hutch" from the local precinct

Our Trip to MOMA

What is Ghetto?

The latest investigation from the BCCP Video Crew at Walt Whitman…

One word that can mean so much – a place, a style, a term of empowerment, an insult, a price…everyone has something different to say, and our journalists did a great job of searching for answers.

What is Ghetto? from Jill Beale on Vimeo.

the sagger

CAUTION!! Sagging your pants may cause injury, make you dirty and not classy.

The Sagger from Jill Beale on Vimeo.