Perception of minorities

My fellow brothers suppressed
Criticized by how they dress
This society is just a mess
trying to be the best
Just gotta get off my chest
This heavy weight we call stress
My brothas locked up for theft

In every life people stress, how they’re gonna make sucess
asking your Mom where is your Pops
Not forgetting to run from the cops
Not using any props
you know you gotta stop cuz soon
your insides are gonna pop, lock, and drop
Rapping with the flow all the girls dropping it low
and fathers leaving their kids and walking out the door

They think we are thugs running around selling drugs
But we are determined to overcome
perceptions of us being dumb
The whole world is against us Brothers
and yet still we fight one another

Musically talented they say we are
and we spend our money on big fancy cars
Although I fall I know I can
I can do this that and the  other
I don’t have to be restricted by my color

They think we are all uneducated
But I am standing here because I am not the one who ran
I am me..not a criminal
but a miracle

by Kevin R.
DeVante H.
Christopher R.
Chantelle H.
Courtney P.
Jahlena R.
Creative direction by Malachi J.

Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year on Saturday at BCAL

Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year on Saturday at BCAL

Trip to MoMA

Last Thursday we went to the Museum of Modern Art to check out the Tim Burton Exhibit…

“THINK” Mural Video


Think Mural from Clark Stoeckley on Vimeo.

Food Drive documentary

A short piece on a visit to our neighborhood food pantry, Reaching Out Community Services. To donate or volunteer, please visit their website.

Food Drive documentary from Rene P on Vimeo.