The twelfth

The twelfth copia

The twelfth

This beeg series goes beyond the traditional news and current affairs treatment of the marching season.
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The Twelfth was a fast-turnaround event which was screened over 5 days during July 2003’s marching season. The producers secured the cooperation and involvement of the Orange Order and leading figures in Protestant communities from xvideos Fermanagh to the Shankill, from Donegal to…Ghana. While there is no escaping the ugly scenes which take place alongside the more contentious parades, this series examines its idiosyncratic mixture of faith, passion and politics, which is often ignored. Operating to a tight schedule, the series reacts to developments as they occur during the week.

Pre-recorded highlights include: the annual Orange youporn parade in the surfing resort of Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal; the role of women in the male-dominated Orange Order and the place of the Ladies Lodge in the 21st century; the influence of the Orangeism around the world – as seen through the Order in Ghana; and the experience of one senior member, who travels to Northern Ireland from Accra for his first participation in the celebrations there.

Saturday night’s redtube half-hour documentary widens the focus into an overview of the season’s events and their broader significance. Using the same approach of close pendejas y pibeporno character study, we will explore the feelings of both communities and consider the contrasting perspectives of Orangeism in rural and urban areas of Northern Ireland.

Can You live Without…Sex?

Can You live Without…Sex?

Can You live Without…Sex?

Putting 21st Century life to the test. Each week courageous individuals rise to the challenge of surviving without something they have always taken for granted – with life-changing results.
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Can You live Without…Sex?
For some of us, living without sex may not present any problems. But for our newlyweds, daily sex is an important part of the porno their relationship. Out went their double divan and in came two twin beds, not to mention the infra red bed-cam to catch any illegal bedroom manoeuvres. No cuddles on the sofa, no pecks on the cheek, and definitely no lingering good night kisses. So, what would life be like without it? Hoping to learn something about themselves both as pornhub individuals and as a couple, they embark on a two week journey of self discovery which began, ironically, on that special day for lovers the world over, Saint Valentines Day!

Can You live Without…Your People Carrier?
For most families, the idea of coping without their car is inconceivable. But for our family, it’s their worst nightmare. With six kids, our parents spend an amazing 20 hours a week in their people carrier. It’s an endless round of school xnxx runs, shopping and football practice, from which mum and dad get no release. How will their lives change when we challenge the entire family to live only on public transport – with no lifts from friends or cabs allowed, for two whole weeks?

Can You live Without…Football?
Keith is one of the 32 million people in Britain who go along to the footie every Saturday afternoon. A lifelong Leeds supporter, Keith spends at tube8 least 40 hours a week on his obsession. Keith’s partner Wendy is worried that he is overlooking his duties as father to his 5 kids and would love him to kick the habit. So how will Keith cope as we challenge him to live entirely footie-free for two weeks – that means no SKY Sports, no checking the scores on teletext and no talking about last night’s match down the pub. Will Keith make it to full time?

Can You Live Without…Television?

Can You Live Without...Television?

Can You Live Without…Television?

Putting 21st Century life to the test. Each week courageous individuals rise to the challenge of surviving without something they have always taken for granted – with life-changing results.
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Can You Live youporn Without…Television?

Michelle and Sean have three daughters – Laura-Ann, 11, Sharma, 12 and Danielle, 15. Their Merseyside home contains £7,000 worth of home entertainment systems including five televisions, five stereos and four videos. They have made the decision to spend three weeks without their home entertainment system – and no one could have prepared them for the fab swingers results. The family communicate more with each other, Laura goes fishing with her dad and Michelle finds new ways to entertain her mother, who has Alzheimers’s. As the weeks go by, Michelle and her family discover things they never knew about each other – and themselves.

Can You Live Without…Your Wife?

Can a man who has never ironed a shirt run a household and organise two children without his wife? When 39-year-old Cliff married Julie 17 years ago, he left his mum’s cooking for the comforts of the marital home. He runs his business while redtube 37-year-old Julie looks after the household and their two children. Julie has agreed to leave Cliff on his own for two weeks – but can he hold down his job, run a household and look after the kids without her? Two weeks later Cliff has a new admiration for Julie and a new ability to survive around the house.

Can You Live Without…Makeup?

Few people have ever seen Ally Edgar without her make-up. She wouldn’t dream of opening her front door unless she was wearing – at least – lipstick and mascara. Yet for one week, this 37-year-old businesswoman from Newcastle has agreed to face the world without her cosmetics. Ally admits she feels sick at the very idea. Going to work naked and exposed is one thing, but a bare-faced Friday night out with her mates is quite another. As Ally fights against society’s expectations free porn she discovers a new confidence that’s been buried under layers of lipstick.

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format l 7 x 25 mins tx l channel 4 – 30 jun 2000 – 26 jun 2001 credits l directed by GAVIN SEARLE, DAWN BERESFORD, SAM WILSON, BEN ANTHONY, KIRSTEN MCLEOD, LAURA FAIRRIE l exec produced by CHRISTOPHER HIRD l series producer JONATHON HOLMES l edited by MATT ATKINS, FRANK BURGESS, ANNA TURVILLE, DUNCAN HIBBERD l narration by KATE HARDIE l copyright FULCRUMTV l distributed by SCREENTIME PARTNERS l




Presented by KATE GARRAWAY, the show attempts to answer one of the biggest questions that we face – can we talk to the dead?

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If the answer is yes it will revolutionise the way we view our world but if the answer proves to be no then millions of believers face a crisis of faith. The show brings together the world’s foremost psychic investigator, KEITH CHARLES, and one of the most respected mediums, JAMES RANDI, and each demonstrates what they believe by showing us what they can do. Nothing is taken for granted, everything is challenged and their skills are put to the test. Also in the programme, are scientists and other experts that spend their lives investigating psychic phenomena. We hear from individuals who believe they’ve had messages from the spirit world, and from sceptics that argue that such communication is impossible. This is an interesting and challenging night and which includes the studio audience in the debate.

What do you believe? Can we communicate with the dead? Do you believe this is true, do you believe it’s false, or just are you undecided?

In November & December 2004, FulcrumTV launched the greatest global archaeological event ever. Working with Discovery Network and Five, we located and opened an untouched tomb during a live broadcast, entering it for the first time, with an audience of 60 million viewers.

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Deep in Egypt’s Western Desert, a cemetery of 10,000 mummies has been discovered. They lie side by side in underground tombs, surrounded by gold jewellery and precious stones, amulets, toys for children and preserved bunches of scented leaves. Intricately wrapped in multi-coloured bandages, the mummies have been fitted with golden masks demonstrating surprisingly realistic personal features. Dress and hair do not appear to be Ancient Egyptian in style, but are influenced by later Greco-Roman culture. In Novembember and December 2004, we launched the greatest global archaeological event ever. FulcrumTV working with Discovery USA located and opened an untouched tomb during a live broadcast, entering it for the first time, with an audience of 60 million viewers.

Filming took place in the Bahariya Oasis, at the ‘Valley of the Golden Mummies’ and a second site: Sheik Soby; an Ancient Egyptian mausoleum. A local governor, Djed-Khonsu-Efankh, buried here, had unlimited political authority at the oasis, and served as local high priest to the god Amun. Djed’s tomb has been uncovered, but the location of other family members remains a mystery. Our team explores a recently discovered passage, deep underground, which may house burials belonging to Djed’s relatives.

The project was overseen by Dr Zahi Hawass, Head of the Egyptian Antiquities Department. The archaeological team included Katie Hirst and Jim Mower both of whom of have made numerous television appearances including on Time Team and Extreme Archaeology. Experts included forensic archaeologists Professor Margaret Cox and Caroline Barker, geophysics experts Meg Watters and Dr Henry Chapman, and conservationist, Dana Goodburn-Brown.

format l 6 x 24 mins tx l discovery usa – 07-10 dec 2004 credits l directed by DAVID STERN l exec produced by RICHARD BELFIELD & GAYNELLE EVANS l produced by MEL MORPETH l edited by BEN JACKSON & TONY QUINN l presented by MIKE ROWE & LAURA GREEN l




Christopher Hird l Joint MD & Exec Producer
After working in The City as a financial analyst and then in national newspapers, he went into television relatively late in his career. As a result, he has only ever worked in the independent sector. Since co-founding the company in 1986, he has been a reporter, producer and executive producer. For four years from 2000-2004 he was the chair of the Sheffield International Documentary Festival and is currently the chair of the British Documentary Film Foundation. He is also a director and trustee of the Writers and Scholars Educational Trust, the freedom of speech organisation, which publishes Index on Censorship.

Richard Belfield l Joint MD & Exec Producer dd
He began work in television with Granada Television local programmes before working for World In Action for five years. In the early 1980’s he worked as a Producer/Director for the BBC and Central/WGBH. Since co-founding the company in 1986, he has directed and produced many award-winning programmes. In 2004, he was the Executive Producer for Egypt Week Live! running a large multinational team opening ancient tombs live over a week from the western desert for Discovery and then Channel 5. He is also a Director and founder shareholder of Essential Works, a book packaging and publishing business as well as being a non executive Director of Bard Entertainments, a feature film company. In the 1990’s he was the Internet correspondent of the New Statesman. In 2005 he wrote Terminate With Extreme Prejudice, the definitive account of modern assassination. He has recently completed Can You Crack The Enigma Code? He is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Royal United Services Institute and a member of the Crime Writers Association.

Tracey Gardiner l Head of Business Development & Exec Producer
She started out in the acquisitions department of a public company and then moved into the City working as a stockbroker at Robert Fleming. She has been with Fulcrum since 1991 and now develops and sells new ideas and formats, acts as executive producer on a broad range of series and puts together international co-production deals.

Paul Oremland l Director
Originally from New Zealand, Paul has been directing in the UK for over 15 years. He has an eclectic body of work which includes an early TV film, The Final Frame for Film on Four, more than 20 documentaries including the hard hitting Andy the Furniture Maker, award wining Safer Sex commercials, and mainstream entertainment programmes, The Rhythm Divine, the story of disco music, and Brave New Worlds, a history of sci-fi. Most recently Paul directed Fulcrum’s first low-budget feature film Like It Is which has been hugely successful with a well-received cinema release in the UK and the United States. Paul is currently developing his second feature film. dd +44 (0)20 7939 3169

Sandra Leeming l Production Manager & Office Manager
She started her production career working as a traffic and production manager at a Miami-based advertising agency. In 1990 she moved to the UK and continued working in advertising until 1993 when she joined FulcrumTV in order to pursue a career in television production. Sandra has worked on a broad range of programmes and series for FulcrumTV. Sandra also supervises the day to day management of Fulcrum to ensure it is a happy and productive home for all that work there.

Emily James l Director dd
Originally from USA, Emily studied history and philosophy of science at Cambridge . She then went to the National Film and Television School , where she completed the Documentary Direction Course. In her films, Emily combines her interests in history, politics and film language with a wry sense of humour and just a little more than a pinch of irony. A Brief History of Cuba, in D Minor was her graduation project. Her second year film, Wag the Dogma won a number of prizes and was broadcast on Channel 4 and Film Four. Emily’s first fully commissioned film, The Luckiest Nut in the World was produced for Channel 4’s Alt TV strand. This success was then followed with a series for Channel 4, Don’t Worry.

Making television that matters with people of talent!

Making television that matters with people of talent! copia

Making television

Making television that matters with people of talent!

Do you have the right skills to make interesting and innovative television?

Experienced Television Talent
We always need experienced television professionals. Whether you’re a highly experienced and respected producer/director, AP, researcher, or production staff, you should send in your

New Directors
We have helped to shape the careers of a number of new directors who have gone on to win awards for the films they produced with us. We have a strong commitment to developing new talent and have a history of producing The Slot and 3 Minute Wonders for Channel 4 as well as BBC4’s FRESH strand.

Work Experience
We strongly support training but believe that trainees must be properly attached to a production in order for them to gain the experience they are seeking. Work placements will not exceed 4 weeks. You will be reimbursed for your reasonable travel and subsistence expenses. If you are sending in your details, please let us know what area you are interested in and your availability dates.

Equal Opportunities
We are dedicated to achieving a working atmosphere were no employee receives less favourable treatment or feels at a disadvantage by their sex, race, nationality, ethnic origin disability or sexual orientation.

Data Protection
Please be advised that CVs will be held in electronic form on a shared network system and could be accessed any member of staff.

We do from time to time advertise jobs on this page, so do check in from time to time.

Email us your CV
Please send your  with only your job title in the subject line.

A behind the scenes look at how Marks and Spencer lost its ‘Magic’ which asks whether the ‘Sparkle’ can return.

Buy: revealed: when m&s lost its billions
Today Marks and Spencer is riding high. The company’s glossy ad campaign featuring Twiggy has been a huge hit with customers and 15 million of us are visiting its stores each week.

But just 7 years ago the company’s future was in jeopardy. Profits collapsed and the value of the company crashed from £19billion to just £5billion.

This is the inside story of how Britain’s best-loved and most successful retailer got it wrong. Interviewees include key players: former M&S Chairman and Chief Executive Sir Richard Greenbury, deputy chairman Clinton Silver, non-executive director Sir Martin Jacomb, food supplier Lord Haskins, clothing supplier Sir Christopher Hogg and ex Tesco’s boss Lord MacLaurin.

Now with a new boss in charge the question is: can M&S win over new, younger customers who become the next generation of faithful fans? Will it return to is unique position in the affections of British shoppers?